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The End? 04/23/2010

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Confession Time: I don’t have an ending for my novel.


Seriously, this is so embarrassing.  I’m 71,868 words in, and I have the potential to be really close to the end.  The only problem is, if I go the easy route and wrap things up with a nice little bow, then the whole thing feels… flat.  The whole thing would be too easy, and my MC wouldn’t even do much except show up for the party.

Which would mean my novel was sucky.

So I’m stuck.  I’m stuck, and I’m distracted by my new job, and worst of all, I’m getting bored with my novel.  But 71,868 words is too many for me to just give up.  I need to spice things up.  I need an ending.

The kind of scary part here: I’m starting to realize that maybe my problem is that I’m not at the ending.  Maybe I’m only somewhere in the middle.  Maybe I’m writing two books, not one.



My New Imaginary Boyfriend 04/18/2010

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For a couple reasons, (including the fact that the Boyfriend is in Texas this weekend-AGAIN),  I’m vegging it this weekend.  And in my world that means two things: cats and Lifetime movies!  I just watched At Risk and discovered the man I am leaving the Boyfriend for: Daniel Sunjata.

I’ve seen him in other places, on random Law & Order episodes and in The Devil Wears Prada, but this was the first time he really caught my eye.  I think because At Risk was the first time I’ve seen him without his shirt.  Yum.

So anyway, thank you Lifetime, for introducing me to my new imaginary boyfriend.  I appreciate it.